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Children represent the Holy Force (which also called Orisha) of Yori and Ibeiji are spirits who have been incarnated on Earth and who opted to continue their spiritual evolution through the practice of charity, incorporating the Umbanda’s mediums. Most were spirits who died at an early age (earth), so bring features of its latest incarnation, as the twitch and baby talk, a taste for sweets and toys. But there are also many who were in their last incarnation doctors, hindu, priests, wizards and witches, andopted to follow the spirituality and work in this vibration.

They are connected to everything that is born and starts: the source of a river, thebirth of humans and the plants sprout.

One can consider that the Ibeiji is the new, pure, primordial force. Deemed to have been generated from Shangoand Oshun, the Fire and Love. So do not underestimate the power of Ibeiji, it is full of Axe and virtues!

Remember the children of Umbanda is learning to see everything that is good and beautiful that is. Learning to value the smile of a child, the birds singing, happiness from simple things.

They magically work together with the spirits of old black slaves, indians and even exus (through “erê” and “exus mirim”), going everywhere, and with the with the consent of the Lord, to work where needed, taking his Love and your Light. There will not sadness that they can not dissipate and there will not be evil than spraying under your presence.

It is not good to promise something to a Umbanda’s child if is not want to fulfill. Usually the person is charged with embarrassing jokes, since the issue here is the seriousness with which it undertakes.

These spirits face the person consulting front and speak all truths with crystal clarity, what’s good and defects, which needs to be fixed, and if the claim is valid or not. But they are loving, and with extreme ability to understand and forgive, and his playfulness can be done to understand and overcome the natural barriers that sometimes the person has to own pride, or lack of maturity, and so can easily teach and clarify many issues. Or simply declare that it is not the responsibility of the person’s knowledge, or that is not the time for them to know.

Some believe that certain spirits that manifest in the session of Ibeiji are delighted, that is spirits from another dimension who have not incarnated on Earth, with no human nature. Its dimension, has many points of connection with human vibration but are entities very pure and often do not understand the attitudes of adults in this vile planet. Are connected to the elements: those who represent the fire element are more driven, fusing, those of air element are playful and restless, the element of water are obstinate and tearful and representatives of the earth element are serious.

“Yori” means “The Power of Light in Action Reigning”.

This vibration carries the meaning of growth through continuous learning, the search for truth, sincerity, with a deep sense of pure brotherhood .

In African religions, the Ibeiji are considered as their own children of Oshun and Shango. Mean that opposites go together, the duality of every human being. Show that justice can only be made if both sides are heavy. They can undo any work, but they do no Orisha breaks.

In Ibeiji parties, which originated in the Law of Free Birth, from then until today, children are served a “Aluá” or water with sugar (or “gas water “, the refrigerant) as the “caruru” , at the Candomblé and derivatives.

Cosmas and Damian, syncretized in Umbanda and African cults as the spirits of the highest ranking line of Yori or Ibeiji, were martyred in Syria. His baptismal name was Passio and Acta and they practiced medicine for free. Persecuted by Diocletian, the story says they were from Saudi, children of Christian parents. There are reports that they were very kind and charitable and performed miracles, but were considered witches and enemies of the gods of Rome. So were bound and thrown from the top of a cliff. And another version, were burned but the fire did not harm you, stoned, they were not achieved, and finally be decapitaded and died. After his death, around 300d.C. , arose the legend that helped children in distress or suffering violence.

In Brazil, in 1530, the church of Igarassu, Pernambuco dedicated to patron saints Cosmas and Damian, and his commemoration is held on September 27. Patrons of pharmacists, doctors, barbers and hairdressers, Saints Cosmas and Damian protects children, orphanages, kindergartens, the confectioners, children at home and secure with diseases such as hernia and plague. The emblems of the saints are box with ointments, medicine bottles and palm leaves. The churches as temples of Umbanda and Candomble or Nation to decorate and celebrate these saints in his day.

In the Southeast region is usually the distribution of bags with candy for children, but in the Northeast since the day before the movement is all about finalizing the preparation of “caruru”, vatapd, dry shrimp, coconut milk, olive oil, white corn, beans black , ximxim chicken, white rice, manioc flour honey, shredded coconut, yam, pumpkin, sweet potatoes potatoes, popcorn, “rapadura”, sugar cane cut, “acarajé”, “abará”and egg slices.

A legend of Ibeiji

There were two little princes in the kingdom twins who brought luck to all. The most difficult problems were solved by them, in return, asked for candy and toys. These boys did a lot of mischief, and one day, playing next to a waterfall, one of them fell into the river and drowned. All of the kingdom were very sad by the death of the prince.

The twin who survived had no desire to eat and lived weeping with longing for his brother, always the Lord (“Orumilà”) asked to take him closer to his brother. Touched by the request The Lord decided to take him to meet his brother in the sky, leaving the land two images of clay. Since then, all who need help leave offerings at the feet of those images to have their orders filled.

Some characteristics of Ibeiji


pink and blue color (white color)


jasmine, rosemary, rose



Points of Nature

gardens, beaches, waterfalls, forests …


daisies, pink pussy.


from fruit


rose quartz




Allergies, sore throat, nose problems, rickets, accidents



Week day





all  especially the throat (when changes become quite the voice of the medium)


Oni Beijada


guarana  (fruit juice, coconut water, water with honey, sugar water, sugar cane juice)




“caruru”, sweets and fruits



Comemorative data

27 September


Saints Cosmas and Damian
Alex de Oxóssi
Rio Bonito – RJ
Centro de Umbanda Caminhos de Aruanda
Deusas do Oriente
Tenda Espírita Pai Mané de Aruanda
Rei do Vudu
Povo de Aruanda
SEFA – Seara Espiritualista Falangeiros da Aruanda
Amor, Luz e Tolerância
Planeta Umbanda
Apostila do Curso de Umbanda – Sociedade Espiritualista Mata Virgem

Portal Guardião da Luz
Fonte Estudo Religioso
Umbanda Infantil
Seara Espírita Fé, Esperança e Caridade
Nucleo Umbandista São Sebastião
Minha Umbanda
Apostila do Curso de Umbanda – Sociedade Espiritualista Mata Virgem
NEU – Núcleo de Estudos Umbandistas

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